Palestinian Palm Sunday?

img_2090.jpgBy riding on a colt, the foal of a donkey,  Jesus descends from the Mount of Olives towards Jerusalem, and the crowds -mostly Jews- lay their clothes on the ground to welcome him as he triumphantly enters Jerusalem.

200 decades later his followers, Christians and specially Palestinian Christians who are the holy land origins, are being restricted, assaulted, denied entry to simply commemorates Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.

All we wanted is to share this feast with our 19-months daughter in Jerusalem but Qalandia military checkpoint has prevented us to pass through. We had to wait for more than an hour to pass through the mental detectors and with the unreasonable closure due to the mood of the military force, we withdraw and missed the Palm Sunday procession. You can imagine the little one waiting in an open-air checkpoint, noontime, fully crowded, smoky area, she just went fussy!

On the same day, the procession has been stopped by the Israeli forces in a violent way to arrest a person. Video by Yusef Daher



Standstill like an olive tree

He was absorbed taking care of each single tree, 39 trees between 2-150 years old, were inherited from his parents and grandparents.

During a family olive harvest day, my 65-years-old dad was happily sharing with us his respect and love to every olive tree, he narrated their life-time stories that made me feel like I have another 39 brothers and sisters.

Amer Zahr, the Arab-American Comedian and Author, posted on his Facebook page: “they need guns, tanks, and flags to prove they belong in the land. We just need our names.” Zahr was pointing to the Israeli occupation who stole and still stealing the Palestinian land. My father still remember the days when our grandparents planted their lands, and on that land our names were engraved.

*Challenges of the olive harvest season in Palestine

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Filistia’s trip to the beach

Even a good day can get bad, just because we -Palestinians- are not allowed to enjoy a simple family beach trip safely.

Living in the West Bank, movement restriction counts a major impact on our daily life. Following the second Intifada, West Bankers were banned to drive within the occupied land of 1967, including East-Jerusalem, not even to travel without a permit document which has a special procedures for issuing.*

With all the travel difficulties, starting with the inhumane treatment at checkpoints, metal detectors, blocked access to elderly and baby-strollers gates, to high financial transportation charges. Me and my family are still eager to enjoy a basic right of a trip to the beach.

This summer, my baby-girl FILISTIA, turned one and was able to master her playing skills. Being aware of all restrictions, I was pushing towards taking her to the beach even if once! And here (in the slideshow) goes the journey;

*Movement and Access








Through a Hole..

I was curious to look through and see what is there, what is there behind this huge block that prevents me and my people from accessing through.

Among the planned 810km length of the Israeli Apartheid Wall, a hole in one of the 8m height blocks, in the so called Rachel’s Tomb area (north of Bethlehem), was found. And I managed through my lens to capture this image.

For a couple of seconds, I had the feeling of victory, that I could’ve broken through this giant barrier, smell the fresh air of the occupied piecemeal , and mostly enjoy the green nature.

A very old Roman Olive Tree was standing there, proving to the world that no matter what, we are still Resisting by Existing!

Palestine Runs for Freedom

“Right to Movement” is the banner of the Palestine Marathon; as it is the basic human right stipulated in Article 13 of the UN Human Rights Charter: ‘Everyone has the right to freedom of movement’(1)

But running the marathon for the second time has presented to me other rights to freedom; freedom to live, to express yourself freely, and to enjoy this challenging life, that Palestinians are living due to the occupation and some cultural difficulties.

April 1st, 2016 has marked a new successful day in Bethlehem, Palestine. 64 nationalities had the chance to participate in the 4th annual marathon. Several cultures, white and black, girls and boys, muslims and christians, different stories and goals but at that spot of the world they all shared one goal; reaching the finishing line with love and peace!



Palestinian Marbles



انتفض من مكاني

IMG_6643 من بعد دوامي الوظيفي ونشاطاتي اليومية المعتادة، جلست على تلك الاريكة اقلب المحطات الاخبارية بين تغطية مباشرة واخرى..ن
فضائية فلسطين-اليوم تنتقل من مراسل لآخر، هم زملائي في الدراسة، اشاهدهم وافتخر لمعرفتي اياهم، فهناك امل لاصبح مثلهم. وفضائية فلسطين التي ولاول مرة استمتع بتغطيتها المباشرة. وفجأة هناك خبر عن الرئيس! ولكنه ليس اعلان لكلمة خاصة عن الاحداث بل لقاء خاص مع رجل اعمال، فاستهجن! ت
وبين التغطيات استمع الى مارسيل خليفة وجوليا بطرس، ابدأ بالبكاء قليلا من ثم افتح الفيس بوك لاواكب التغطيات من صحافي الاعلام الاجتماعي. كانت انتقاضات الصحافيين لبعضهم البعض تنتفض اكثر من انتفاضة شبابنا -“اشاعات الطعن” “اوقفوا نقل الروايات الاسرائيلية”.. لم اعد اعلم من اصدق، فحاولت اختصار تعليقاتي حتى لا تصيبني طرطوشة من الاستهزاءات.. ت

فاذهب للاحصائيات والتحليلات لاجمع بعض المواد الاخبارية واترجمها لزملاء واصدقاء اجانب التي لا تصلهم إلا الروايات الاسرائيلية الغربية، فاشعر انني اشارك بشيء من الثورة.. ن

 اعود للفيس بوك، اشاهد مقطع المستعربين في مواجهات البيرة، اغضب شديدا، من ثم افرح عندما ارى كل هؤلاء المتطوعين في الهلال الاحمر والمسعفين في الميدان. ولكن اقرأ التعليقات السلبية على الطالبة الجامعية من جامعة النجاح التي طالبت برفع العلم الفلسطيني فقط في مظاهرة اليوم، واحزن.. ت

  من ثم اعود الى تلك الاغاني وابكي فهناك الكثير الكثير من الحزن، انا لست في الميدان ولست على الفيس بوك فأين  انتفض!؟؟