Humans of Gaza

I had a dream to visit part of my nation’s land, might not be a dream for free people but it is for occupied Palestinians who aren’t allowed to travel freely anywhere.

Visiting Gaza was my dream to come true, a date to remember September 2019, what else than endless crying when I crossed in Bet Hanoun ‘Erez’ military checkpoint? I finally saw and smelled the land which we always see on breaking news.

Walking and driving around, it’s real life! I expected to see massive destruction but I saw smiling faces at the shore waving ‘Marhaba’. I expected to see passive weak men but I saw early brave fishermen at the port aiming for a fatty hunt. I expected to see huge frustration but saw creative, leading, inspiring youth sport and technology hubs. I expected to see dispirit women but saw theater and music directors!

The majority in Gaza want to leave, they want to live in peace without Israeli missiles bombing at night, raise their kids in good health without drinking polluted water, feel secured in their homes without being attacked and barred inside, go to school and work without expecting Israeli aggression every now and then. People in Gaza are seeking basic human life, is this so hard to secure?